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At Basement Gaming, we host or assist with competitive and causal esports events. We specialize in event coordination, event logistics, video game broadcasting, online marketing and community building. In the past, we have helped host events for Redbull, Northern Arena, Microsoft Store, Budlight, Skyzone and many more. We specializes in all competitive esport titles such as: Rocket League, all fighting games, Battle Royale, Overwatch, League of Legends, CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege and more. We have had the opportunity to host gaming events for contractors to help raise awareness for their brand while promoting competitive gaming.

Our goal is to help gaming communities grow all across Canada by providing the best online and offline player experiences. We help gamers pursue their passions for competitive and casual gaming to the fullest. Whether that is accomplished by helping them win gaming tournaments or having them interact with other local gamers and play for fun, we at Basement Gaming want gamers to be successful, excited and engaged within the community.

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